NATIONAL REVIEW Finally Acknowledges ELECTING A NEW PEOPLE...And Refuses To Link To It
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Here's Peter Brimelow on Twitter:

Here's Geraghty:

There’s churn in the electorate each year. Roughly 3.5 million Americans turn 18 each year; roughly 2.5 million Americans die each year. Approximately 620,000 to 780,000 legal immigrants become U.S. citizens each year.

In 2012, you saw a lot of assessments that declared that demographic shifts were building to a permanent change in partisan balance in the country: “Indeed, electoral demographics have become the driving force of the past two presidential elections, a fulfillment of Peter Brimelow and Ed Rubenstein’s 1997 prophecy, ‘Demography is destiny in American politics.’ They forecasted 2008 as the year when a shift in ethnic demographics would ensure the Republican party’s inexorable slide to ‘minority status.’ ”

The Pendulum of American Politics, By Jim Geraghty, NRO, January 29, 2020

Links in original, absence of link to our site also in original.

Here's Electing A New People, originally published in the dead-tree National Review in 1997.

Here's Ed Rubenstein's projection of what a moratorium could have done for the Republican Party (and America, of course!) if it had happened in 1992, when Time To Rethink Immigration was published.

And finally, check out Even If Immigration Continues, The Sailer Strategy Could Still Win It For The GOP In 2050, Steve Sailer's 2009 analysis, which pointed out that the Sailer Strategy, in which the GOP appeals to its white base, rather than pursuing the chimera of minority conservatives, would not only win as late as 2050 in the same way it won in 2016, but would have won in 2008 for John McCain.

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