NATIONAL REVIEW Against Trump: Do They Actually Have Readers?
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Pic: See John Derbyshire

Lacking the resources of National Review we at have been tortured by our slow response to the NR anathematization of Donald Trump.

We have posted NATIONAL REVIEW Editors Vs. Trump: Forget “Principle”–Think “Career Move”


On NATIONAL REVIEW Obeying Its Paymasters

But with the vigor of youth Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent has produced Cuckservatives: National Review’s Demographic Death Spiral

His key link is “Funny stuff

Who is subscribing to the National Review? A bunch of rich old White men over half of whom are in the seventies and tend to live inside the Beltway. Out of touch? Male – 81.4% Median Age – 66 years old Ages 15-54 – 18% of subscribers Household Net Worth over $1 million dollars – 34.4% Household Net Worth over $250,000 – 78.6% Probably a quarter of National Review subscribers are senile. No wonder they are always carrying on about the Gipper. It is still 1984 for much of their audience.

Peter Brimelow’s view is that the NR operation is entirely about securing pleasant MSM slots as nominal Conservatives. But that does not explain the violent censorship of their comment threads.

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