NATIONAL POST: War On Christmas In Canada Backed By Federal “Human Rights” Commissars
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I was trying to figure out of the author of this National Post column on the War on Christmas was a Muslim or a Christian Arab, when I saw that she signs herself ”The Merry Muslim"—but it doesn’t matter, the question her granddaughter asks says it all:

Earlier this month, my 10-year-old granddaughter, who goes to public school, asked why it was that Ramadan, Eid and Diwali were announced in her school by name, but Christmas was called a “holiday event”? It was hard to explain. How do you explain “woke” culture to a 10-year-old?

Then I read in this paper that the Canadian Human Rights Commission—a federal agency with broad quasi-judicial powers—“has declared that the celebration of Christmas is evidence of Canada’s ‘colonialist’ religious intolerance.”

Religious intolerance? Canada is perhaps the most tolerant country in the world—to everyone except Christians and their holidays. Every year, I see the celebrations of diverse cultures becoming more prominent. It’s heartening to see major holidays being acknowledged. But at the same time, I am saddened to see the diminishing of a Christian tradition.

As for being “colonialist,” I’m South Asian, and the Indian subcontinent was colonized by the British. But we’re now living in 2023. Are we going to allow the politics of victimization to hold us back? How long will the “colonialist” moniker continue to be applied?

Raheel Raza: Christmas is a time of joy, not discrimination and politicization

Bah humbug to those who want to whitewash Christmas

By Raheel Raza, the Merry Muslim, Special to National Post, December 21, 2023  

Ms. Raza arrived in Canada from Pakistan in 1988, enduring "both a culture and weather shock. We were penniless, friendless and cold. However, it was Christmas, and the beautiful lights, music and decor kept our spirits up."

That kind of happiness is what War on Christmas Grinches and Scrooges are trying to prevent—and in Canada, as noted above, they have the  Canadian Human Rights Commission (which looks after the "Human Rights" of everyone but Canadians) behind them.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission—an agency with broad judicial powers that is fully funded by the federal government—has declared that the celebration of Christmas is evidence of Canada’s “colonialist” religious intolerance.

“Discrimination against religious minorities in Canada is grounded in Canada’s history of colonialism,” reads a Discussion Paper on Religious Intolerance published last month by the agency.

“An obvious example is statutory holidays in Canada,” it adds, noting that the Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter get days off, while non-Christians have to “request special accommodations to observe their holy days.”

The thrust of the paper, first reported by Blacklock’s Reporter, is that Canada is replete with religious intolerance and always has been. “In order to move forward towards sustainable change, all Canadians

This is despite the fact that the free exercise of religion has been Canadian law since before Confederation—a state of affairs that would have been conspicuously rare in the world of the 19th century.

In 1851, the colonial Province of Canada even enacted the Freedom of Worship Act, which protected “free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference.”

FIRST READING: Federal commission declares Christmas holiday is ’religious intolerance’
The Canadian Human Rights Commission, which wields broad quasi-judicial powers, argued that a day off on Christmas is ’discriminatory’
By Tristin Hopper, National Post, November 24, 2023 

Canada  had a mosque in the western province of Alberta since 1938, a Sikh Temple in Vancouver since 1908, and so on. Really, what the Canadian HRC is hating on is Christians working to convert Canadian Indians to Christianity—because they thought the Indians had souls that needed saving.

Most Indians in North America are Christians, as the late David Yeagley (an enrolled member of a Comanche tribe) pointed out in War On Christmas Is War On Indians, Too on in 2006.

It’s all part of the Zeitgeist that white people and Christians are the worst thing ever—and need to be Replaced.

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