Immigration Headlines From Around The Web
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Some immigration headlines from around the web:

James O’Keefe has done some good reporting on voter fraud in the past. He’s now down on the border teasing that airport workers are starting to come forward as whistle blowers. Ashley St. Clair has documented that illegal aliens are on many of the flights coming out of Phoenix.

 Yes, America, you are paying for these flights. Most of these flights are not being paid for by state governments, but by our federal government.

Going along with that, “Muckraker” has a good video breaking down how the government moves “children” around the country. (Many of those children are old enough to shave.) A branch of Health and Humans Services, the Office of Refugee Resettlement, makes a lot of the government contracts with NGOs. One of the contractors involved in this is MVM, Inc. A contractor founded by three former Secret Service members who did protection work for the NSA and CIA in Iraq. I’m telling you, there’s big money in letting illegal aliens into the country, much more so than in keeping them out.

When I was still on the job, it was common for illegal aliens to find sponsors in America by looking up people on Facebook. Friends, relatives, or just some random social worker was all it took to get a sponsor. I once looked one up who turned out to be a student in Massachusetts who used the address of a gas station. I’m pretty sure she was not living above the gas station. Today, social influencers are using TikTok to live stream their travel to the U.S.

Here’s one YouTube video—The dream begins on the beach | THE DARIEN PLUG EP 1

Considering how many people make it through the Darien Gap, permit me to doubt its level of danger. I’m sure there are some unlucky travelers, but the vast majority make it through with no problems.

The Border Patrol union has warned that if Trump were to come into office, then Antifa and company would be rioting in the streets to stop deportations. The Dems want to “prevent any ’cruelty and mass roundups’ of illegals.” Do you hear that? Enforcing the law will be called cruel. The Dems know that the best defense is a good offense.

It’s getting so bad with the number of illegal aliens (fake asylum seekers one and all) that they closed down some Ports of Entry so that the CBP Officers could help out the Border Patrol Agents in processing and releasing illegal aliens. Keep in mind that in places like El Paso, a lot of Mexican Americans have family in Juarez and they are used to visiting them all the time by just driving back and forth. Three border crossings have been closed so that the CBP Officers can just release people. (The term apprehension is a misnomer. We used to call them “surrenders” because they were deliberately giving themselves up.)

Around minute 21 below, Steve Bannon interviews Raynard Jackson (never heard of him before), who describes what it’s like having a bunch of illegal aliens on his flight out of Phoenix.

This has been going on for some time now, so, it shouldn’t be shocking. Once when I was in El Paso, the illegal aliens got to board the flight first, before priority members and anyone else. Truly incredible.


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