National Association of Evangelicals Board Endorses Amnesty
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The National Association of Evangelicals has pronounced itself in favor of amnesty. Well, they don't use the word, but that's what they mean. According to an article which appeared in the Christianity Today website :
The National Association of Evangelicals on Thursday endorsed comprehensive immigration reform, saying new policies should reflect "biblical grace to the stranger." "We seek fair and human treatment for those who are immigrants," NAE President Leith Anderson told reporters on Capitol Hill, shortly before testifying with other religious leaders at a Senate subcommittee hearing on faith-based perspectives on immigration reform.
What kind of reform is the NAE actually endorsing ?
The resolution, approved overwhelmingly by voice vote of the NAE board, calls for the government to safeguard national borders, recognize the importance of family reunification and establish an "equitable process toward earned legal status for currently undocumented immigrants." Asked for specifics of NAE's suggestions about undocumented immigrants, Anderson said the process should be a reasonable one that might require, for example, undocumented immigrants to pay back taxes. "We are not suggesting that those that are already in the United States without documentation are automatically granted either residency or citizenship status," he said.
It's still an amnesty. Also, the NEA president adopted the "Immigrants Are Us" argument :
Anderson said the NAE board adopted the resolution as growing numbers of immigrants fill the pews of churches affiliated with his organization, which includes 40 denominations and scores of other evangelical groups. "Many of the immigrants in America are us," he said. "That is, the growing edge of evangelical churches and denominations in the United States is the immigrant community."
Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. supports the resolution. See my article here which discusses Hispanic Evangelical Amnesty Agitators and includes some quotes from Rodriguez. The article on Christianity Today's website includes comments, and not everybody is in agreement with this resolution. One comment included this exhortation : "Read and be informed by reality. " If you'd like to add your comment, click here and jump into the discussion.
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