Narco-state Leader Blames America for Violence
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Mexico’s annoying Presidente is castigating America for his country’s problems again, with the complaint that the U.S. is a major buyer of drugs.

Calderon’s latest gripe is California’s initiative to legalize marijuana for personal use, which would permit citizens to grow their own herb, as nature intended.

He also repeated the lie that Mexico’s escalating violence is due to American weapons shipped south. Calderon would prefer the Second Amendment be curtailed to suit his wishes.

The performance is probably another mooch act to get more money. Mexican politics preclude American military intervention, although advisors were reported to be embedded with Mexican troops last spring. But more dollars from Uncle Sucker are always welcome.

Mexico’s Calderon: US not doing enough in drugs war, BBC, Oct 27, 2010

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has told the BBC the US should do more to reduce the demand for drugs that is fuelling violence in Mexico.

He told the HARDtalk programme that more should also be done to stem the flow of illegal weapons from the US.

More than 28,000 people have died in drug violence in Mexico since 2006.

Meanwhile, President Calderon and other regional leaders have urged Californian voters to reject moves to legalise marijuana in their state.

Next week Californians will vote on a measure known as Proposition 19, which seeks to legalise recreational marijuana use.

The California vote, scheduled for 2 November, was a key issue as Latin American leaders met in the Colombian city of Cartagena to discuss co-operation in tackling drug trafficking and other issues.

Many Californians would prefer that marijuana used in this state was grown in this state, to support local American growers rather than murderous Mexican cartel thugs.
Co-operation in the fight against drugs was at the centre of an interview the Mexican president gave the BBC.

He reiterated his long-standing view that the problem of organised crime would remain as long as the US remained the biggest consumer of drugs in the world.

”They (the Americans) have a clear responsibility in this because they are providing the market for the drug dealers and the criminals,” President Calderon said.

”They need to do a lot more in terms of reducing the consumption of drugs and to stop the flow of weapons towards Mexico.

Mr Calderon has long argued that the rise in violence in Mexico coincided with the 2004 lapse in the US of a ban on assault weapons.

As the BBC later noted, the majority of guns used by Mexican organized crime do not come from America. Fox News investigated the weapons issue in 2009: The Myth of 90 Percent: Only a Small Fraction of Guns in Mexico Come From U.S..

Below is a clip of the arrogant Calderon interviewed by the BBC:

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