Muslim Taxi Drivers Riot, Shut Down Terminal At DeGaulle Airport
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Paris had a little diversity riot at de Gaulle Airport that shut a terminal down for several hours. Like some other instances of unrest in immigration-foolish France, the behavior followed an allegedly rough arrest of a member of a certain ethnic group, vaguely referenced in the article.

Until a decade ago, taxi driving in Paris was an almost exclusively male, middle-aged and white profession. But many women and men from immigrant backgrounds have bought or rented taxi badges and drivers say that tensions with the 70-strong police taxi unit sometimes have racial undertones. The police deny the claim and say they have been trying to persuade the drivers to return to Paris and comb the streets for fares rather than allow their cars to pile up in excessive numbers of up to 300 at the airport. [Taxi drivers revolt at Paris airport over 'brutal' arrest, September 2, 2009 ]

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