Multicultural Marines
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In the midst of a story about the Marine Corps advertising itself to young women, there's this disturbing note:
Women are not the only ones being courted specifically. The Marines Corps [sic] is reaching out to Latinos with ads in La Raza newspaper that emphasize family and honor (”Each unit in the Corps is a family, and each member knows they never stand alone”), and to Arab-Americans with a message about nationality and identity (”I am American. I am Arab. I am a Marine ... I know where I stand”).[Sending in the Marines (to Recruit Women) , By By Douglas Quenqua, New York Times, April 21, 2008]
That's not encouraging. See my pre-9/11 piece, Abolishing America (contd.): Foreign Legions?, and this post-9/11 piece by Michelle Malkin, ”Not One More American, Soldier Or Civilian, Must Be Sacrificed At The Altar Of Multiculturalism, Diversity, Open Borders…”,
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