MSM Sob Story On "Snohomish" (I. E. Mexican) Family Detained By Border Patrol Won't Say If They're Legal Or Not.
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Linda Thom relays a report of some Mexicans who are being detained by the Border Patrol, with a note saying

"This story goes on and on. Are they in the country illegally? Maybe that's why they are in custody."

After explaining that they were arrested near the border, we hear all about how wonderful these people are, but nothing about their immigration status:

Throughout his education, Enriquez Olvera has helped maintain the family business, Enriquez Tires — a shop on Broadway in Everett.

Laura Blackett met Enriquez Olvera seven years ago when they were counselors at bilingual leadership camp La Cima.

Enriquez Olvera was in his early teens when his family moved to the U.S.

For a few years, he stopped attending class, Blackett said. By the time she met him, he was back in school.

While getting his diploma from EvCC, Enriquez said Enriquez Olvera was involved with the college’s Diversity and Equity Center and advocated for immigrant rights.

He’s traveled all over the country to help organize marches, Blackett said.

Enriquez Olvera’s sister, Andrea Enriquez Olvera, said her parents originally came to the U.S. because they felt they couldn’t find a safe neighborhood to raise their children.

[Emphases added.]

[Snohomish family detained by Border Patrol while on vacation, by Julia-Grace Sanders, Everett (Washington) Herald April 2, 2019]

It sounds like a family of successful thieves. The parents have stolen a business in America, the children have stolen good educations.

I'm assuming they stole them, because nowhere in this sob story is there any suggestion that they actually have green cards, which they foolishly left at home, or that they are, despite their Mexican orgins and Spanish accents, actually US citizens. One clue—the story says they're appealing to the Mexican consulate.

“We have been in this state for about 16 years and this is all we know,” Andrea Enriquez Olvera said. “My parents have worked hard and are contributing members of society. They have no criminal record."

There's a saying in the Armed Forces of various British Commonwealth countries that a Good Conduct Medal is the result of so many years "of undetected crime."

But that's a joke. Actually committing undetected crime for years makes it worse.

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