MSM downplays DC Amnesty March
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Helped by the Health Care bulldozing drama, the MSM has done a fine job of downplaying today’s Amnesty March in DC (always referred to of course as an ”immigration reform rally”). No doubt this reflects memories of the PR catastrophe caused by the Mexican-flag brandishing 2006 marches.

Thus The Washington Post gently plays down the numbers:

Tens of thousands of immigrants and their supporters from across the United States packed the National Mall Sunday in a last-ditch effort to spur Congress and the White House to overhaul the nation's immigration system and offer the nation's 10.8 million illegal immigrants a path to citizenship this year City officials do not give official crowd estimates, so it is difficult to determine whether turnout reached the more than 200,000 estimated by organizers.[Broad coalition packs Mall to urge overhaul of immigration laws, By Nurith Aizenman, Washington Post, March 22, 2010]

And The Chicago Tribune resorts to tear jerking (with cute picture)

Up to 6,000 area residents were expected to leave Saturday on the roughly 120 charted buses for Washington, Marilyn Navarro, 16, raised the $183 it took to get a bus seat for herself and a 25-year-old cousin by putting out a donation jar inside her parents' Pilsen restaurant, collecting her fare $5 at a time.

Chicagoans head to Washington immigration march By Antonio Olivo March 21 2010

(Of course, a more honest headline would have been Area Hispanics head to Washington Amnesty march)

No one of course was so uncouth as to show pictures of anything but US flags.

However, as frequently happens, the UK contingent forgot to take their PC pills with their tea break. The Reuters story Immigration activists rally for change by Nancy Waitz, Sunday March 21 2010 features (at the moment!) two shots prominently displaying El Salvadorian flags.

Which is quite appropriate. This march is in support of theft and conquest by foreigners.

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