Mr. And Mrs. Clinton
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Now that there's still a chance that Hillary Clinton could wind up in the White House, I want to ask: Does anybody have a clue how the White House would function with a First Gentleman who is also an ex-President? Doesn't this seem like the premise for a farce? It writes itself!

I presume F.G. Bill wouldn't attend the President's first-thing-in-the-morning National Security briefings — but only because he didn't get up in time for them the whole first year he was President

Exactly what would Bill's role be? Pillow talk advisor? But do they sleep together? I don't know. This is something that I haven't wanted to know, but it seems like the kind of thing the voters should know in order to make an informed choice. (Similarly, what is the financial relationship between Hillary and Bill, who is always jetting off to Boratstan to introduce Rich Mining Honcho X to President-for-Life Y. Do they file their taxes jointly? Oh, wait, Hillary has been too busy to release her taxes...)

Granted, it's unseemly for the voters to have to know that kind of thing, but, in the big picture, it's unseemly, even banana republicy, for the country to elect the term-limited ex-leader's wife to be the new Glorious Leader.
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