MOTHER JONES: Obama's Lies Are Truths, Conservatives Who Question That Are Lying
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I saw the Tweet below, and  without actually reading the article, I can tell you it's wrong.

The reason for that is that Mother Jones is assuming that if Obama says he doesn't want a gun registry, he's telling the truth.

There's no reason to believe that. Remember, if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, and Obama is on record as being as opposed to gay marriage as you are.

Also, while I believe I am safe in assuming bad faith on the part of President Obama, based on his record, Mother Jones has no business assuming that on the part of the NRA.

I don't assume bad faith on the part of Mother Jones, I think they're telling the truth as they say see it. That's because they're a group of ignorant, biased, and credulous leftists, and once again, that's based on their record.

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