More Terrorists, No Hate Crimes, In Lodi CA
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The mysterious planes that have hovered over Lodi for the last six weeks have gone away.

But things on the ground are heating up. According to an Associated Press story that appeared in the Lodi News-Sentinel on July 12, Umer and Hamid Hayat, the father-son duo that were arrested for lying to federal officials about their involvement in Al Queda camps, admitted to investigators that six other men also received terrorist training in Pakistan.

(Terrorist Suspects Say Six Others Attended Camps, Newspaper Reports, Lodi News Sentinel, July 12, 2005)

The men were specifically instructed on how to target federal buildings and financial institutions.

Meanwhile, predictions by some alarmists that Lodi Muslims might become the target of “hate crimes” have proven baseless.

Lodi continues to go about its business as usual.

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