More Shaima Non-Shockers
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ABC News, teaming with the San Diego Union-Tribune, has doing a good job on the latest Hate Hoax, this one the Million Hijab conjob over how the brutal beating murder of an Iraqi immigrant housewife, Shaima Alawadi, was the work of an anti-immigration, anti-Muslim hate killer.
[Daughter] Fatima was also distraught over her pending arranged marriage to a cousin, according to the documents.

The investigation into Alawadi's death revealed that a neighbor reported seeing a dark-skinned teenager or 20-something man running away from Alawadi's house around the time of her death, carrying a donut-shaped cardboard box. Police searched the home of the man Fatima was found having sex with months earlier, and took items from his home as part of the investigation, according to the U-T San Diego newspaper. 

Alawadi was also planning to divorce her husband, according to a search warrant in the case. Divorce papers were found in Alawadi's car, and a relative told police Alawadi was planning to divorce husband Kassim Alhimidi and move to join her mother and siblings in Texas.


Back before the Iraq War, I explained that one reason America wasn't going to be able to turn Iraq into Switzerland was the off-the-charts level of cousin marriage in Iraq. Moreover, Muslim immigrants in Europe frequently force their daughters into arranged marriage with cousins back in the Old Country as a means of immigration fraud. 

So, let's say, just for the sake of brain exercise, that daughter Fatima was told that if she didn't marry her cousin, there just might be an honor killing. Would having her boyfriend kill her mom qualify as pre-emptive self-defense? The defense could have Ahmad Chalabi and Dick Cheney explain the concept of pre-emptive war to the jury.

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