More on the SB 9 Vote in the Texas Senate
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In my recent article Does SB 9 Mean Texans are Finally Fighting Back? I wrote that
SB 9 was passed by the Texas Senate with 19 Yeas and 12 Nays. I checked it out ... and guess what? Of the 19 Yeas, none were Hispanic legislators. Of the 12 Nays, six–half–were Hispanic legislators.
I received a letter from a reader informing me that
Regarding SB9, it's slightly worse than you think. In fact, 7 (not 6) of the votes against SB9 were Hispanic. Van de Putte isn't an obviously Hispanic name (understatement), but Letitia Van de Putte is Hispanic, and a LaRazaista.
So there you go, 7 out of 12 of the Nay votes were cast by Hispanic senators. Thanks to the reader who supplied me this information and to all VDARE.COM readers who send us corrections, additional facts and broader perspectives. It's part of what makes the website what it is.
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