Bullying Robert Redford
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This is from Robert Redford's recently published biography. Redford, born 1936, was raised in Santa Monica, CA, so the bullying referred to would have taken place between about 1950 and 1954:

Being Bullied
Apparently, even Robert Redford was bullied as a child. In his neighborhood, there was a Hispanic gang, the Pachucks, and he was often beaten up by one of its members, ”probably because I went to a good school, I was good at track and popular with girls.” Once, the bullies prompted him to jump off a roof to prove his manhood. He jumped and almost died from the fall. ”Facing down fears hit home early…You have two choices, it seemed to me. You can be led by your fears, or you can overcome them.”Robert Redford’s New Biography: 10 Revelations - The Daily Beast.

What struck me was the name of the gang—Pachucks, a form of the Spanish word pachuco. This is a very old-school kind of Mexican-American gangster, usually wearing a zoot suit, like Jim Carrey in The Mask.

They were annoying, and unpatriotic, and all that, but not nearly as dangerous as today's gangsters—you'll notice they didn't even manage to spoil Redford's looks.

You may also remember Steve Sailer's Preventing Kid Prejudice: The Sailer (One Point) Plan

So, let me unveil my one-point plan for how to keep your kids from disliking blacks and Hispanics:
1. Don't let your children get beaten up by underclass minorities.

Well, being beaten up by minorities didn't stop Redford from being an utterly conventional liberal. Obviously they weren't beating him hard enough.

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