More On The N.E. Patriots Illegal Snow Shovelers
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The Providence Journal’s Karen Lee Ziner has just published an interesting update on the ICE arrest of Guatemalan illegals who were recently hired to shovel snow at Gillette Stadium just before a New England Patriots game [How did dozens of illegal immigrants end up shoveling snow at Gillette?, by Karen Lee Ziner, Providence Journal, January 31, 2010].

While many immigrants may be coming here for a “better life,” that doesn’t mean they are prepared for it. According to Ziner, many of these Guatemalans had never even held a snow shovel before. Some of them worked without a winter coat and wore only sneakers or sandals to cover their feet. One of the workers was pregnant, and several of them were minors.

Ziner also briefly describes the practice of what  I like to  call “labor laundering”: the process by which large corporations  (Remember the  Walmart  case?) outsource to shady third party employers who hire illegal aliens to do menial labor. This provides a convenient buffer between the company and the illegal workforce, in case anything goes wrong.

Naturally, the Patriots were able to claim that they had “no idea” that the workers were illegal aliens.

Forbes ranks the New England Patriots as the 4th wealthiest sports franchise in the world. Ask them why they had to hire a pregnant woman from Guatemala to shovel snow at their posh new stadium? [online feedback form]

Karen Lee Ziner has been a reliably open borders reporter, but this article represents a definite step toward immigration sanity.  Congratulate Ziner for (perhaps only temporarily) seeing the light ([email protected]).   Please, be polite.


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