More On Somali Refugee Fraud
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Somali smiles are upside down in Minneapolis and other unlucky cities stuck with large populations from that corrupt society; it seems that the State Department has discovered a large degree of fraud—oops!

Leaders in the Twin Cities' Somali and Liberian communities say the move is hurting innocent families stranded in squalid camps.

For three years, Leylo Mohamud has been working to get her family out of Somalia, a land engulfed in civil war for much of the past two decades. Her prospects dimmed significantly last month.

"It is so hard, it breaks my heart," said Mohamud, who lives in the Twin Cities. "I cannot support them and they're going to die without food. I want to bring them here, but I cannot."

Alleging widespread fraud, the State Department has suspended a refugee program that has brought tens of thousands of people from Somalia and other African nations to the United States, many of them to Minnesota.

The move has alarmed leaders in the Twin Cities' Somali and Liberian communities, who say it is preventing the reunification of untold numbers of immigrant families, many of them trapped in squalid refugee camps. [Fraud claims halt refugee program, Minneapolis Star Tribune,By Kevin Diaz And Mitch Anderson, November 29, 2008]

Thanks be to science for DNA analysis, which has shown the massive fraud among Somalis, looking to freeload their way to the land of milk and food stamps.

In other Africa diversity news, Muslims and Christians continue to kill each other: Riots 'kill hundreds in Nigeria'

The mostly Christian-backed governing party in Plateau state, the People's Democratic Party, was declared to have won the state elections.

The result was contested by the opposition All Nigeria People's Party, which has support from Muslims.

Violence started on Thursday night with singing and burning of tyres on the roads by groups of youths over reports of election rigging.

Bodies from the Muslim Hausa community were brought into the mosque compound from the streets where they had been killed.

The local imam told our correspondent that their number is "in the hundreds".

The Christian casualties are usually taken to the hospital morgues, but no clear figure has emerged for the number of their fatalities.

The current Diversity Visa crop of 2009 includes slots for 6,041 Nigerians, because the State Department believes that the current population (134,940 in the 2000 Census) is not sufficient.

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