Another Raceless "Holiday" Shooting
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Here's a twofer from Fox TV in Atlanta: a "Holiday" shooting with raceless victims and perp, even though police are still looking for the latter.

Two People Shot, Wounded at Greenbriar Mall, 29 November 2008

ATLANTA (MyFOX ATLANTA) — Terrified shoppers ran for cover when gunfire erupted in a crowded shopping mall Saturday afternoon. Two people were wounded. Witnesses said an argument between three people led to the shooting at Greenbriar Mall.

Police said two people were wounded and the shooter remains on the loose.

Investigators said a male and a 19-year-old woman were shot at Greenbriar Mall Saturday afternoon.

The victims was transported to an area hospital in stable condition. Police said the victims are expected to be OK. Witnesses said the female victim was pregnant.

The video report by Chris Shaw (email him) carefully uses only the Christophobic term "Holiday", as in "Holiday shoppers", and equally carefully provides only this sanitized description of the shooter (who, remember, is still at large): "He had dreadlocks, and was wearing a white coat."

All shoppers in the video appears to be black, but of course perps of any race can have dreadlocks, let alone wear white coats.

Shaw did elict this interesting quote from mall manager Mike Weinberger, who refused to close despite the shooting: "The general population is somewhat desensitized...they understand it's part of our society..."

Yeah. (Hattip RC)

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