More On Juries
July 07, 2011, 02:38 PM
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A lawyer writes:
As a basic rule, a prosecutor`s ideal juror is a conservative white person without a college degree.  They`re generally pro-prosecution, but unlike conservative, educated white people, they`re not smart enough to sniff out a bogus prosecution.  Liberal, educated white people can go either way — it depends a lot on the case.  On some crimes, they`re a prosecutor`s nightmare, but on, say, DWI, they`re generally favorable.  And, if you`re talking about liberal, educated white women, they can be a defense attorney`s nightmare in something like the Scott Peterson case (or a rape case.)
A defense attorney`s ideal juror is poor, uneducated, and a minority — i.e., somebody who will probably sympathize with the defendant.  Also, while uneducated white people aren`t smart enough to sniff out the b.s. that a prosecutor feeds them, uneducated minorities tend to go the same way for the defense — they`ll believe almost any alternative theory that the defense attorney feeds them, no matter how bogus it might seem to a smarter person..