More on Brat's Campaign
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Eric Cantor and founder of pro-immigration Mark Zuckerberg

Economics professor and Eric Cantor-conqueror Dave Brat wrote earlier this year:
“We all know the basic economics. Labor markets are still in chaos, and now our leadership wants to import more low wage labor, lower the wage rate for our citizens, and provide BIG business cronies with cheap labor.

“The Elites get cheap labor and you get low wages, more unemployment and to pay all the taxes that will support the Ruling Class in DC. This is classic Cantor vs. the People of the 7th District”

Dave Weigel writes at Slate:
So, what is he? The first-look impression, that he’s a libertarian and a Christian, isn’t challenged by anything that’s come out since yesterday. That means he attacks “crony capitalism” from the right. He does not call for regulation of Wall Street; he calls for prosecution of illegal behavior on Wall Street.
That’s a pretty radical vision: rolling history back all the way to the George H.W. Bush administration when hundreds of financial fraudsters went to prison for looting the country.

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