More On A "Racist Rant"
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The "racist rant" (Ann Althouse's term) that I discussed earlier has come in for some more discussion.[It's at— The Old Guy Perspective, Thursday, March 20, 2008]Kathy Shaidle discusses it here, with the suggestion that the author should have used the term "low-lifes" to refer to "young black males wearing tee shirts down to their knees — and jeans belted just above their knees," rather than the term he did use. Nicholas Stix, who always has something interesting to say, talks about it here, [Racial Dialogue in America: The Racist Rant" That Almost Everyone is Condemning, but Will Not Link to] He quotes a commenter who says

tell me, have you ever, you know, talked with any african-americans? i don't mean someone you've seen on tv... a real, honest to goodness black person... a real conversation? i know it sounds scary, but you might learn something (another scary thought, indeed) i feel sorry for you.

I get mail from guys like that from time to time—they keep saying "I feel sorry for you" and "I pity you." Guess what—they don't actually feel sorry for me. They feel morally superior to me, (as Stix points out)but they sense somehow that sending mail that says "I feel morally superior to you" will make them look stupid. Instapundit, who you may recall was condemned for linking to post next to it, has this thought, in a post he updated about fifteen times:

I hadn't actually read the post in question until Greenwald started yammering about it — I thought I was just linking a nice Easter item — but Collins is right that it's kind of "ugly." However, I suspect that it accurately reflects how a lot of Pennsylvania Democratic primary voters are responding to the Obama/Wright scandal, which is probably what's really got Greenwald upset.

And finally, the author of the post writes a response to some of the comments: OldPunk Responds to Individual Commenters (& Other Saints) .

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