More Numbers On Obama And The Treason Lobby In The DHS Stopping Worksite Raids
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We have more numbers to verify something Ed Rubenstein wrote on June 21 that
Rosemary Jenks, NumbersUSA Director of Government Relations, implicitly provides what may be the best explanation: ”It is incredibly hypocritical for the President to talk about holding employers accountable when his DHS has basically stopped criminal prosecutions of employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens and has completely stopped worksite raids, and when his Justice Department is asking the Supreme Court to overturn Arizona's E-Verify law….”[If Obama Has Stepped Up Enforcement, Why Suppress The Numbers?]
We emailed Rosemary Jenks, and she wrote that there are
"statistics from ICE that show that criminal prosecutions of employers have plummeted under Obama,"
These statistics haven't been published yet, but they're available to Congress. We checked with a staffer on the House Judiciary Committee, and she's right—he reports that:
"In worksite enforcement cases, the latest stats through May show that administrative arrests (typically just employees but could include employers if they themselves were illegal) are down 81% from 2008, criminal arrests (employers and employees for criminal charges) are down 67%, indictments (employers and employees for criminal charges) are down 73% and convictions (employers and employees for criminal charges) are down 75%."
Furthmore, Jenks said
"As for the halting of worksite raids, I was on a conference call with Esther Olavarria, who is the policy director for DHS (and former Kennedy staffer), during which she said specifically that they have stopped worksite raids as of May 2009 and that their goal is "to arrest as few undocumented workers as possible."
Here's the text of the announcement of Ms. Olvarria's appointment to the Department of Homeland Security,
Esther Olavarria brings nearly 20 years of experience on immigration policy to her new job at the Department of Homeland Security. Most recently, she was a Senior Fellow and Director of Immigration Policy at the Center for American Progress, where she was responsible for planning, developing and administering the organization’s work on immigration issues, with a principal focus on policy and advocacy strategies on comprehensive immigration reform; planning and convening roundtables and other venues for discussion, and conducting research and write on immigration issues.

Prior to that, for nearly ten years, she was Counsel to Sen. Edward Kennedy and the Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Refugees. In that capacity, she served as Senator Kennedy’s chief counsel on immigration, border security, refugee and nationality matters, working on myriad immigration proposals, including comprehensive immigration reform.

She has also served as the Managing Attorney of the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center, Directing Attorney of the American Immigration Lawyers Association Pro Bono Project, and staff attorney at the Haitian Refugee Center, all based in Miami, Florida.

It's very clear that in  DHS's mission to protect the homeland by (a) guarding the border, and (b) removing illegals who have infiltrated over it, Ms. Olvarria is firmly on the other side.

Where's Joe McCarthy when you need him?

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