More Kenneth Eng On Whites
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Asianweek's Kenneth Eng was fired for his piece "Why I Hate Blacks", which was immediately removed from the Asianweek website, to the sound of apologies from the editors, however, this column, which was written in 2006 is still on the AsianWeek website.

Apparently the white community in San Francisco isn't as sensitive as the black community. The story was mentioned in the San Francisco Chronicle's article Asian paper's 'I Hate Blacks' column assailed Leslie Fulbright, February 27, 2007

Chai Vang righteously killed six white people after they approached him with guns first. Unlike the “men” who murdered Vincent Chin, brave Mr. Vang was sentenced to life. Proof That Whites Inherently Hate Us Kenneth Eng, Nov 24, 2006

Chai Vang is the Hmong who killed the six white hunters in Wisconsin. Some Hmong apparently support his actions.

Vincent Chin was killed in a barroom brawl with unemployed white autoworkers in 1982. He was Chinese, but the men who killed him thought he was Japanese.

His attackers received probation, which I think is crazy, but I'm a conservative, and I think putting people in jail for manslaughter is a good thing, not because it's a hate crime, but because it's a crime crime.

But Kenneth Eng thinks it's OK to shoot six whites, and as I said, the San Francisco "white community" doesn't seem to have been bothered the way the black community was.


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