More ICE Fail—"Farm Rehired Illegal Immigrants"
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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) claims they do smart immigration enforcement.  They further claim that auditing employers of illegal aliens is cost-effective enforcement.  A part of the audit strategy is not actually arresting the illegal aliens involved.  Of course, they usually just get jobs elsewhere and don't leave the country.  It appears that illegals and employers care so little for ICE HSI audits that illegals immediately go back to work for their former employers.

The Seattle Times April 24, 2012 by Manuel Valdez

Feds: Wash. Farm Rehired Illegal Immigrants

Federal prosecutors say a Washington state herb farm forced to fire more than 200 illegal immigrants because of a government audit, rehired dozens of those workers - paid them cash and asked them to work at night - because production began to plummet.

Duvall, Wash.-based HerbCo International, Inc., now faces four federal criminal charges. Prosecutors say the company knowingly hired illegal immigrants...

Court documents say that after an anonymous tip, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents audited the farm in 2011 and found 214 workers didn't have valid documentation. HerbCo officials then fired those workers and hired a labor firm to provide workers, but production was still disrupted.

Worried that contracts would be in peril, company officials hired 86 illegal immigrants back, paid cash and had them work graveyard shifts to put production back on track.

So much for "smart" immigration enforcement.  Audits are not enforcement.  Raids are smart enforcement.

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