More Flop Sweat—POLITICO On Resistance To Amnesty In The House
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More flop sweat—Politico is starting to worry that the House of Representatives will stop the Amnesty steamroller. 

 Immigration reform no sure bet, By Seung Min Kim and Jake Sherman,, May 17, 2013

After years of false starts, Washington finally appears to be on the path to rewriting the nation’s immigration laws.

The Senate Gang of Eight bill is holding its own in committee and is expected to hit the Senate floor in June. And in the House this week, members of a bipartisan group agreed “in principle” on a big bill to be revealed in June.

But in this case, looks are deceiving. There are still major hurdles before immigration reform can reach President Barack Obama’s desk. The biggest one is the GOP-controlled House.

Right now, the Senate bill has no chance of making it to the House floor. Key senators such as Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) have stressed that their bill would need upwards of 70 Senate votes in order to enact pressure on the House. But House GOP negotiators flatly say the margin of votes in the Senate — no matter how big — won’t matter.

“I don’t think it can pass the House,” said Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) said of the Senate bill, echoing the quiet conversation of top House Republican leaders. “I think our bill has a better chance of passing the House than the Senate bill. We went more into detail than they did. They’ve got holes all through their bill.”


Members of the House are more resistant to Amnesty than the Senate. They have to face the voters more often, and are less likely to be multi-millionaires. See, from a previous amnesty season, Is GOP House Leadership the new Third Party? By Patrick Cleburne on September 7, 2006.

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