More Family Disunification At Christmas Time
December 02, 2008, 02:21 AM
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Here`s a sad story from the El Paso Times.

Deportation of father has been obstacle for wife, kids
By Adriana M. Chávez [Email her]/ El Paso Times
Posted: 12/01/2008 12:00:00 AM MST

EL PASO — Times have been tough for the Alvarez family of Berino, N.M.

Since her husband was arrested a year ago by U.S. Border Patrol agents for living in the United States illegally, Lorena Alvarez has been struggling to provide for her three children — Jahaira, 6, Raul, 4, and Daniela, 2.

Alvarez said her husband was the main breadwinner working construction, but the family has since had to give up their trailer because they couldn`t afford to pay bills.

"He was a person who worked long hours in construction doing rock walls and any jobs available to provide for his family," said Veronica Rangel, the family`s social worker in the Gadsden Independent School District.
Alvarez said she`s unable to work because she can`t afford to hire a babysitter or day care.

Alvarez`s children will receive much-needed coats from Operation Noel this holiday season.

Note that the children aren`t getting coats for Christmas, but for the "holiday season." However, as I`ve said before, there`s no need for deportation to separate families—the mother and her children can go to wherever the father was deported to, and live with him. In Mexico, for example, they wouldn`t have to worry about the "holiday season."Then they might not need the winter coats provided by the El Paso Times`s Operation Noel.