More Family Disunification At Christmas Time
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Here's a sad story from the El Paso Times.

Deportation of father has been obstacle for wife, kids
By Adriana M. Chávez [Email her]/ El Paso Times
Posted: 12/01/2008 12:00:00 AM MST

EL PASO — Times have been tough for the Alvarez family of Berino, N.M.

Since her husband was arrested a year ago by U.S. Border Patrol agents for living in the United States illegally, Lorena Alvarez has been struggling to provide for her three children — Jahaira, 6, Raul, 4, and Daniela, 2.

Alvarez said her husband was the main breadwinner working construction, but the family has since had to give up their trailer because they couldn't afford to pay bills.

"He was a person who worked long hours in construction doing rock walls and any jobs available to provide for his family," said Veronica Rangel, the family's social worker in the Gadsden Independent School District.
Alvarez said she's unable to work because she can't afford to hire a babysitter or day care.

Alvarez's children will receive much-needed coats from Operation Noel this holiday season.

Note that the children aren't getting coats for Christmas, but for the "holiday season." However, as I've said before, there's no need for deportation to separate families—the mother and her children can go to wherever the father was deported to, and live with him. In Mexico, for example, they wouldn't have to worry about the "holiday season."Then they might not need the winter coats provided by the El Paso Times's Operation Noel.

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