More Evidence Of The Collapse of Deportations
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Deportations originating in the States of Michigan and Ohio have collapsed.  Not surprising given the collapse nation wide as reported.  There is an increase in the number of criminal aliens deported, but that does not make up for the huge decrease in the number of other illegal aliens deported.  It’s just part of the Obama Regime's Administrative Amnesty.  

And note the comrades in the press fronting for the Regime by emphasizing the increase in the number of criminal aliens deported.

Dayton Daily News February 15, 2013 by Cornelius Frolik

Deportations Of Criminal Offenders Reached A Record High In 2012

Authorities last year removed the fewest number of illegal immigrants from Ohio and Michigan since 2007, but deportations of criminal offenders reached a record high, officials said.

In fiscal year 2012, Immigration and Customs Enforcement removed 5,872 individuals from the Buckeye State and its northern neighbor. Deportations were down nearly 20 percent from the previous year. ICE combines data for Ohio and Michigan.

Similar news came from the Northwest not too long ago as reported by my  blog.  Here a 22% decline in deportations was reported.  It seems that the real goal of the "smart" enforcement policies of the Regime is to decrease deportations by at least 20%.  Not an arrest quota, but a non-arrest quota.

Contact the Daily News' editorial staff here concerning the misleading headline.  Hold them accountable.

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