More "Daily Mail" Awesomeness
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From the World's Leading On-Line Newspaper:
Did Yale University plan to create an intellectually superior race of children to repopulate Britain after World War Two? 
Yale University only offered children of Oxford and Cambridge university staff an evacuation to the U.S. 
One evacuee has raised questions about the experience asking did they want 'to save the gene pool?' 
Yale's president James Angell was 'a fanatic eugenicist in the worst meaning of that word' 
Yale University has been accused of trying to create a super race of British children during War World Two, it emerged today.
The Daily Mail takes this kind of thing personally. If this nefarious eugenicist plot had succeeded, how many readers would the Daily Mail have left these days? How many footballers' wives would there be to feature in its pages?

By the way, Wikipedia doesn't say anything about Yale President Angell, a psychologist of the John Dewey school, being a eugenicist or not, but it does say this:
James Rowland Angell was born on May 8, 1869, in Burlington, Vermont. He was born into one of the stellar academic families in American history. His father, was the president of the University of Vermont. He was the youngest of three children, with an older brother and sister. When Angell was two years old, his family moved to Ann Arbor so that his father could take up the presidency of the University of Michigan. His maternal grandfather, Alexis Caswell, was a professor of Mathematics and Astronomy at, and later president of, Brown University. He was also a charter member of the National Academy of Sciences. His brother Alexis Caswell Angell became a professor of law of Michigan, and later a federal judge. His sister's husband, Andrew C. McLaughlin, was head of the history department at Michigan. His cousin, Frank Angell, founded psychology laboratories at Cornell and Stanford Universities.

Granted, he had retired as president of Yale two years before WWII broke out, but still, with a family background like that, I think we must judge James Angell Guilty! of at least having eugenicist suspicions. And once you admit that crime, well, the whole breeding a race of superchildren thing pretty much follows automatically.

I think the Daily Mail should get together with New York Times and conduct the Neo-Nuremberg Trials of all the arch-criminals who didn't get tried at Nuremberg: you know, Francis Galton, Karl Pearson, Ronald Fisher, J.M. Keynes, Winston Churchill, George Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells, the Webbs, Teddy Roosevelt, Alexander Graham Bell, Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., Harold Laski, Margaret Sanger, Gifford Pinchot, William Shockley, Louis Terman, William D. Hamilton, and, the mastermind himself, Charles Darwin.

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