More Crop Rot Fever
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Crops Rotting in the Fields! ... Oh wait. That's last year's crops-rot-in-fields story. Sorry. Here's this year's. They haven't rotted

It's October, and for the benefit of sophisticated urbanites at the Manhattan Institute, Washington Post, and New York Times, crops are not gonna rot in the fields because they've already been picked, almost everywhere in the nation. (Certainly in the San Joaquin Valley, where Joe Guzzardi lives.)

Kaus also points something out about the LA Times story George Borjas linked to earlier:

I can see why it might be useful to simplify applications. But if it's seasonal work, why would it be necessary to "extend the definition of 'temporary' beyond 10 months"? Do all these legal workers actually return when their "temporary" work is over?...

Here's the answer, once again from our San Joaquin Valley correspondent, Joe Guzzardi:

The annual highlight in my hometown is the Lodi Grape Festival and Harvest Fair held in mid-September. For decades the last day had been dedicated to Mexicans. The original concept was that since the grapes had been harvested and the workers were about to return to Mexico, the city would honor their contribution by setting aside a special day for them.

Now, of course, no one goes 09/14/05 - Diversity Is Weakness–Even At State Fairs


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