More Backpedaling From GOP Presidential Candidates On Immigration
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Following up on Patrick Cleburne's post regarding the recent remarkable change in tone on immigration voiced by Senator Sam Brownback—from wild-eyed enthusiast to questioning moderate—candidate Rudy Giuliani has also, in response to the criticism he has received as he campaigns across the country, toned down his open-borders position.

According to the New York Times [Giuliani Shifts His Tone on Immigration, By Marc Santora and Sam Roberts, April 22, 2007] Giuliani who has "a record on immigration with the potential to complicate his bid for the nomination" is now hedging his remarks.

While Giuliani talks in terms of "no amnesty" and secure borders it is important to note that he has dropped his long-standing, unqualified endorsement of illegal immigration.

The apparent changes of heart of Brownback, Giuliani and McCain before them should be seen as a significant—but not quite yet complete—victory for the immigration reform movement.

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