Immigration: Private citizens shoot straighter
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I have noted before that much of the most incisive writing on the American immigration disaster in the MSM tends to appear in discussion threads and letters to the editor, rather than the professional journalism itself

A case in point is Tom Shuford’s letter to the Raleigh News & Observer today:

"People are here without papers," says Duke anthropology professor Charles D. Thompson Jr. in his April 18 Point of View piece "Lessons learned on immigration," because "massive historical and economic forces push people around."

Humbug. "Massive historical and economic forces" didn't:
* Push through the 1965 Immigration Act with its chain migration provisions that made Latin America and, secondarily, Asia the near-exclusive sources of legal and illegal immigration.
* Grant citizenship to children born to foreign nationals illegally in the U.S.
* Hand down the 1982 5-to-4 Supreme Court decision (Plyler v. Doe) ordering taxpayers to educate children brought illegally to the U.S….

The actors in this farce are not mysterious "historical forces." They are familiar characters: short-sighted politicians, corporate and ethnic lobbyists, overreaching judges.

Immigration reform: private citizens doing the work the elite won’t do.

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