More American Money Headed South
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Congress and the President think it would be a swell idea to give Mexico 1 billion American taxpayer dollars to help out in Calderon's drug war. And it sounds like the beggers are getting pretty choosy.

A handful of Democrats traveled to Mexico at the behest of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to make sure an anti-drug package the Bush administration is negotiating is acceptable in Congress.

The Democrats met with Mexican lawmakers from several parties late Sunday and early Monday to get their views and details on the aid package that is expected to be announced in coming weeks. [...]

Plans of U.S. aid to Mexico triggers wariness among many Mexicans who are concerned the U.S. could use the assistance to interfere with Mexico's sovereignty. [Democrats meet with Mexicans on aid package, Houston Chronicle 10/9/07]

Apparently Washington fears a more decisive failure of the Mexican state than the slip-sliding of recent years: Homeland Security chief: Crime gangs threaten Mexican government (Dallas Morning News 9/29/07):

"I have nothing but good things to say about the approach that President (Felipe) Calderon has taken to dealing with organized crime in Mexico, which is a very serious threat to the authority of the government and law enforcement in parts of Mexico," Chertoff said.

Translation: Calderon's attempt to re-establish law and order in Mexico is not going so well.

Now I agree with Washington that a failed state of 100 million people on our southern border would be a security disaster for America. (See Is Mexico About To Fall Apart? Brenda Walker Says Yes.) It would only be a matter of time until al Qaeda found a friendly cartel willing to do business — if they haven't already.

But American taxpayers shouldn't be forced to spend more money from our overextended credit card (now 9 trillion dollars in the hole) in order to help the enemy next door.

Mexico is a very wealthy country and can easily pay for its own police work. Vicente Fox just bragged on Larry King that Mexico is the seventh largest trading nation on earth. When will Washington wise up on this score?

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