Money-saving Tip: Avoid A Traffic Ticket By Claiming To Be An Illegal Alien
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A friend texts about a much better idea when being pulled over for a ticket than telling the cop you are a Sovereign Citizen: instead, act undocumented.

I witnessed it on a ride-along in Nevada and just this second spoke to two NYPD officers about it. Yes, they do let undocumented people go when they’re stopped for a traffic violation.

The only other option is arresting them and getting their car towed and there’s too much paperwork and it’s boring so they just let them go.

I said I ought to put on an accent and try it, they smiled and said, “yeah, I mean it could go horribly wrong and you get arrested but pretty much yes, no documents and we don’t give a ticket and just let you drive off.”

I swear this is true and occurred less than a minute ago. The coppers are still in the store.

He also says you might try this when you need some unbilled Emergency Room care.

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