Monday's One Old Vet Daily Amnesty News Summary: 34 Stories. (Drudge 0)
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Deportee Dumbaya: ICE let him escape

Today One Old Vet’s compendium of Amnesty stories comprises 34. An unusual one is Rahall Against Amnesty in Immigration reporting West Virginia’s 3rd District Democratic Congressman Nick Rahall (NumbersUSA Career ranking D-) saying

"This proposal, the core of which coupled with the Obama proposal, appears to smack in some ways of amnesty, which I oppose."

He fears the measure puts them at the front of the line for citizenship status, all of the programs enjoyed by Americans, and threatens American jobs. Rahall calls the jobs threat the most critical element of amnesty.

To my knowledge Rahall is the first Democrat to express any reservations.

The Drudge Reports carries no (0) new Amnesty stories. There is an Immigration outrage story under the headline ICE agents lose deportation fugitive at Denver Airport which links to a 5 day old item Man being deported escapes at DIA Jace Larson January 30, 2013

Two Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were escorting Phoday Dumbuya, 25, when he escaped, according to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement news release. He was being deported to Gambia….

He pleaded guilty in 2008 to misdemeanor third-degree assault and was sentenced to 120 days in jail and two years of probation, according to a Denver County District Attorney spokesperson

Presumably this appears under the familiar Drudge theme of Government incompetence. The deal on Amnesty coverage appears still in place.

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