"Modern-Day Slavery" Scheme: Illegal Aliens Caught Trafficking Legal "Temporary Workers" To U.S. Farms
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In another case of the world seeming to be tipped upside down, a group composed of some illegal aliens managed to traffic some legal H2A agricultural visa holders in the United States [DOJ: 'Modern-Day Slavery' Scheme Trafficked Foreigners to U.S. Farms, by John Binder, Breitbart, November 26, 2020].

Strange how the illegal aliens can manage to traffic those legally here on visas, but if you know the process, it's not as surprising as it might seem. Illegal aliens are often in the United States for years at a time, whereas those agricultural visa holders come in on a temporary basis. If done correctly, the visa holders are only in the United States for months at a time as opposed to illegal aliens who may have been in the United States for over a decade (I can remember arresting illegal aliens who had been in the U.S. for 20 years and still barely spoke any English).

The H2A visa holders are supposed to be doing seasonal work, although, once in the country, they often migrate to other jobs. I can remember apprehending some illegal aliens working construction and our Agents joking about them doing "seasonal drywall" work.

In The Lessons of History by Will and Ariel Durant, we get the quote

"We observe that the invading barbarians found Rome weak because the agricultural population which had formerly supplied the legions with hardy and patriotic warriors fighting for the land had been replaced by slaves laboring listlessly on vast farms owned by one man or a few.”

It is interesting to note that England experienced the same sort of phenomena, according to Peter Turchin's book War and Peace and War. In England, it wasn't slavery, but increasingly large estates over time with indebted peasants working the land of bigger and bigger aristocratic lands.

Because dairy farms are not allowed to use "seasonal" help as the cows need caring 24/7 365 days a year, a lot of the larger dairies used illegal aliens. I can recall one circumstance where an illegal alien from a dairy called us, the Border Patrol, practically begging to be arrested. The standard at the time was for the illegal alien to be paid $600 a week with room provided. They worked them six days a week and 12 hour days. No overtime, but also no social security or payroll tax or anything else. The poor illegal alien who called us up had been taken to the local Walmart for his once weekly break from work to do his shopping and had managed to evade his handlers long enough to find a pay phone and call us. However, this was when Obama was in office. We turned the case over to ICE since they were supposed to be doing worksite enforcement.

At the time, ICE was being encouraged to do I9 audits to verify the status of the workers. However, if a farmer was employing illegal aliens completely off the books, then an I9 audit would not turn them up. A lot of the bigger farmers had a mix of legal workers and illegal ones, both groups largely Hispanic. The I9 audits often gave the farmer a chance to get rid of the illegal aliens at least temporarily until the audit was over.

So, we repeat the mistakes of the past with a system that favors larger and larger farms worked by modern day slaves.

I do find it amusing that those who champion the rights of illegal aliens inadvertently are contributing to their abuse. I guess their agenda is more important to them than actually helping out the impoverished. Call it virtue signalling or being holier than thou, it makes them feel like saints.


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