Mitt Romney's Awful NAACP Speech─Race Is The Great Enstupidator
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The topic of race is the great enstupidator.  To speak intelligently about race, using carefully-gathered statistics and hard-won facts from the human sciences?to speak thus is to step outside the bounds of polite discourse.  On race, you must pretend to be stupid; and the more toe-curlingly stupid are the things you say, the more applause you will win from respectable commentators.

Even by these dismal standards, though, Mitt Romney's Wednesday speech to the NAACP convention was awful.  Enstupidation-wise, the low points was this:

Today, black children are 17 percent of students nationwide?but they are 42 percent of the students in our worst-performing schools.

See, we just built this brand-new school.  The mortar was hardly dry between the bricks, and no students had been enrolled yet, when we realized that?oh dang bust it!?it's badly performing.  Poor feng-shui, most likely.  

Not to worry, though:  there's a housing project up the street full of black kids.  Let's enroll them?that'll mess up their lives!

The phrase "arrow of causation" mean anything, Mitt?  

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