Minicon Gives Point-and-Sputter Treatment To NPI's "Beyond Conservatism" Conference
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Betsy Woodruff (email her) has a cute little point and sputter piece she slapped together from  SPLC talking points
If you’re in D.C. for CPAC weekend and interested in rubbing shoulders with white supremacists, the National Press Club has you covered. On the evening of Feb. 27, the Press Club will provide space in its downtown D.C. building for an event called “Beyond Conservatism,” hosted by the National Policy Institute. The Southern Poverty Law Center characterizes the National Policy Institute as one of the “most important” think tanks in academic racism. Its website says it is “dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of European people in the United States and around the world,” and its tagline is, “For our people. Our culture. Our future.”  [White Supremacists to Hold Confab at the National Press Club the Weekend of CPAC, Slate, February 19, 2015]
Note how the blame is immediately pinned on the National Press Club for, you know, hosting a discussion that the Southern Poverty Law Center doesn't like.  And here come the scare quotes.  What did Peter Brimelow say that means he can no longer be welcomed in polite society?
Brimelow, as SPLC details, [sic] has said America faces “unprecedented demographic mutation” and that 9/11 was due to immigration.
Is that even up for debate anymore?  Doesn't take much to trigger the rent seekers these days does it?

I'm sure you're not surprised to learn that Woodruff used to write for National Review and is a "William F. Buckley Journalism Fellow," because of course.

Back to trying to get the National Press Club to ban the "white supremacists."

Providing a platform for white supremacists, as it turns out, isn’t great for hotel #brands. But the National Press Club has no regrets about providing space for the event. Executive Director Bill McCarren told me that the press club didn’t invite the group to speak, and that they make space for all sorts of presenters.

“For 108 years, the National Press Club has provided a forum for people to have their say and to take questions from the press,” he said. “It’s not always popular, and when an organization rents a room from us to have a news conference, it does not imply an endorsement by the club of what they say.”

McCarren said he couldn’t think of an example of a time when the club has refused to rent out space to a group or speaker.

“It’s an open public forum,” he said. Early bird tickets for the NPI event are already sold out.

It's interesting that the only other people whining about this seem to be self-professed "anti-fascists" shrilly demanding people not be allowed to say or hear obviously true things.   But this isn't the first time minicons connected the Beltway Right have made common cause with Internet edgelords calling themselves "antifa" because they sent out an email.

Last time, it was her friend J. Arthur Bloom from the Daily Caller reciting talking points from the far-Left One Person's, er, People's Project.  Kind of hilarious when you spend your spare time away from the Caller playing footsie with the Dark Enlightenment, Neo-Reaction, and the kind of racial realism exemplified by, you know, Jared Taylor and Steve Sailer.  [Is Science Racist? (Comments), The Mitrailleuse, June 20, 2014]

Is something similar going on here with the graduate from conservative Hillsdale who is still linked to the American Right?  After all, when you're proudly holding the "Fellowship" of a guy who defended segregation, the magazine you were connected to is endorsing opposition to "white genocide" and a Boer ethnostate, and the people you smear as supremacists keep picking up your former magazine's best writers, one has to keep up appearances.

To survive, you have to be shallow, limit yourselves to jargon, know your place, and write "analysis" that requires nothing beyond being able to spell S-P-L-C.  It's the only way to keep the racket going if you want to stay in the Beltway Right and the only way to protect yourself if you want to cling to an outlet in the "mainstream" media.

Thus, we get the tone of aggressive stupidity and vague self-pity every time someone even remotely connected to the Right tries to discuss race.  Guys like William Saletan are able to discuss it more maturely, for a little while anyway.

Methinks the girl protests too much.  For all you grown-ups out there, you can buy tickets here.

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