Mickey Kaus has moved to the Daily Caller
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Well-known neoliberal Mickey Kaus, who frequently shows surprisingly good sense about immigration, has moved to the Daily Caller:
The DC isn't Animal House, but from what I've seen there is a slightly disorganized, understaffed rough-and-ready attitude that's vastly preferable to a perfectly organized hierarchy of editors who busy themselves trying to shape your copy. In about a week the Caller managed to create a blog template for kausfiles that lets me write short items and have a permalink for each-a technical feat Slate was unable to accomplish in a year and a half, perhaps because until recently Slate bloggers were second-class citizens when compared with "curated" writers. Luckily, I'm not bitter.[Have Blog, Will Travel]
I've been complaining about that permalink thing for years. It's probably another case of Jacob Weisberg, Mickey's old boss, not understanding the internet.
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