Michael Savage Explains That Having A Statue In New York Harbor Doesn't Mean You Can't Have An Immigration Policy
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Kathy Shaidle, who has a WND columnn reporting on the interesting bits of Talk Radio, links to this Michael Savage lecture on her own blog, with the title Reminder: A bad poem on an old French statue is not an immigration policy.

It's a guy who says he was taught in grade school that the Statue Of Liberty had an Emma Lazarus poem written on it, saying ""Give me your tired, your poor, blah blah blah"  and therefore: immigration!

In a 2001 article debunking the  association between the Statue, the poem, and modern immigration I wrote that

Young children who couldn't tell you what happened in 1776 or when the War of 1812 happened, hear The New Colossus read so often in civics class that there's some danger of them memorizing it, in violation of every tenet of progressive educational theory.

I continue to insist that it's a heck of a big statue, but a poor excuse for not having an immigration policy.

The other point I made in my 2001 piece was this:

This whole thing is very strange. Imagine a hypothetical foreign country with immigration problems explaining its policy this way: “We used to have sensible immigration laws, but someone built this damn statue.” You'd think they were mad.
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