Mexico Pipedreams vs. Reality
May 21, 2006, 07:37 PM
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A relationship based on the dependence of a less competent party on a more capable one rarely makes the dependent person appreciative, only resentful. So it is with Mexicans and the United States.

Such disagreeable aspects to human psychology don`t always reach exalted academics in the ivory tower, who are free to live in a world of unlimited possibility [Give and take across the border: 1 in 7 Mexican workers migrates, SF Chronicle, May 21, 2006].

"We want Mexico to look like Canada," said Stephen Haber, director of Stanford University`s Social Science History Institute and a Latin America specialist at the Hoover Institution. "That`s the optimal for the United States. We never talk about instability in Canada. We`re never concerned about a Canadian security problem. [...] That`s the optimal for Mexico: a wealthy and stable country."

What isn`t wanted, Haber said, "is an unstable country on your border, especially an unstable country that hates you."

Depite Mr. Haber`s hopeful fantasies, that`s exactly what we have, a failing state where half of Mexicans believe the country is near chaos. Furthermore, a largely ignored March Zogby poll showed that Mexicans do indeed hate Americans.