Mexico Immigration Deal May Disappoint
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Many friends of American sovereignty were pleased to see the Mexicans agree to President Trump’s demands on the border backed up by tariff threats. Still, the idea that the communist Presidente Lopez Obrador will uphold his part of the deal is quite a stretch for many reasons.

First, Mexico is not a friend to the United States: the relationship is more like that of a pickpocket to his mark because of the easy money of remittances ($33.7 billion in 2018) and other benefits.

There’s nothing that could be called respect from south of the border. Mexican elites must hate this country, but still depend on all the goodies that their little citizens derive from the US being next door.

Conveniently Mexico has scheduled its escape date from its Trump deal, noting that it would review the migration reduction measure in 45 days.

Tucker Carlson discussed some aspects of the Mexico relationship with Colonel Douglas MacGregor, who pointed out that narco-states make unreliable friends.

TUCKER CARLSON: Douglas MacGregor is a retired U.S. Army Colonel and author of the book, “Margin of Victory.” He joins us tonight to assess. Colonel, thanks very much for coming on.


CARLSON: So it appears as of Friday night when the President announced the deal between the Mexican government and our government that the gambit worked. How significant is this?

MACGREGOR: Well, I think in the short run, there will be some temporary relief. But in the long run, this is not going to influence the crisis on the southern border, and for two very good reasons.

First of all, Mexico has no interest in halting the flow of either illegal immigrants from its country or any other in Latin America into the United States. That’s how they off-load excess population, discontented citizens and criminals onto the United States. They’ve been doing it for decades. So while there may be temporarily relief, it will resume inevitably.

Secondly, Mexico is a narco state. We need to be honest about this. The place is ruled by six drug cartels. These drug cartels control the government. They control the institutions of governance. No one can move in that country without their permission.

So ultimately, they have a permanent interest in keeping open borders. They have no interest whatsoever. They want to filter in people and they want to filter in drugs. You can’t do that if you close the border, so for those two reasons, it has no future in the long run.

So whatever we get from this, it will be temporary. It’s not as you say, a viable solution.

CARLSON: So, what you are saying is that when we leave our southern border porous, as it currently is, we are leaving ourselves exposed to whims of drug cartels?

MACGREGOR: Oh absolutely. I mean, that’s the great draw. People all over South America that are involved with organized crime are shipping drugs up through Mexico into the United States.

Why would they want that to stop, along with millions of people? Now, of course, we are talking about the interest of Central America and Latin America — why they want that open border and why they want to ship people north. We haven’t talked about the left in the United States, the Democratic Party and why it wants these open borders.

CARLSON: What do you make of elected officials, politicians who instinctively side with the government of Mexico over our own government on this question?

MACGREGOR: Well, keep in mind, this is very important, all of your viewers need to understand this. Just a few decades ago, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were elected to high office from the state of California. Is that possible today? Absolutely not. It’s impossible. Why? It’s called demographic change.

And right now, the largest ethnic minority in California is Mexican and Hispanic. California is in the main today no longer a majority English-speaking white state. It is in the main something else, it’s something new, but largely Latino, largely Mexican.

The Latinos, the Mexicans are the base of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has decided they are the future for the left in the United States. The more of these people that can be brought in illegally as well as legally, the better it is for the Democratic Party because their goal is to transform the United States into a facsimile of California, so that any election is impossible from the standpoint of the right, from the standpoint of the Republican Party to win anything.

CARLSON: So you don’t believe there is any other calculation other than the political calculation that goes into the question assessing immigration.

MACGREGOR: Oh, sure. Of course. I mean, obviously they are going to sit there and say, “Oh, these people are poor. They need our help.” But we all know that in fundamental terms, not only is that not true, but secondly, we don’t need it. We can’t afford it. We have problems here in our own country with our own citizens. Our own citizens need help and assistance. So that’s a false argument.

The real interest is to create demographic change that will make them the permanent power inside the borders of the United States.

CARLSON: Douglas MacGregor, thank you, Colonel. Good to see you.

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