Mexico #2! (in Obesity)
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Here's more proof that Mexico is a rich country, not wracked by poverty as we are led to believe by the open-borders hacks. When Mexicans were poor, they ate beans and tortillas, a healthy combination that creates a complete protein.

Now they have excess money to spend on obesity-causing junk food, just like Americans. When you live on Cokes and potato chips, you are headed toward blimpdom. The most obese person on earth is a Mexican.

MEXICO CITY — Fueled by the rising popularity of soft drinks and fast food restaurants, Mexico has become the second-fattest nation in the world. Mexican health officials say it could surpass the United States as the most obese country within 10 years if trends continue.

More than 71 percent of Mexican women and 66 percent of Mexican men are overweight, according to the latest national surveys.

With diabetes now Mexico's leading cause of death, activists and leaders hope to renew efforts to crack down on fatty-food consumption and encourage citizens to exercise more. But it will be a tough battle, as industry groups are expected to put up a fight. [Where hunger once prevailed, diabetes is leading cause of death, San Diego Union-Tribune, March 24, 2008]

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