Mexicans Who Die of WuFlu in US Sent Home For Burial. Maybe They Shouldn't Have Come?
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Earlier, by Sam Francis, 2003: New Immigrants Can't Rest In Peace In America

COVID-19 arrived to the United States a month earlier than it got to Mexico, consequently the total of cases and deaths in the U.S. dwarfs that of Mexico.

As of April 13 (early), the U.S. had 560,566  cases and 22,225 deaths. Mexico had 5,103 cases and 319 deaths.

But what about deaths of Mexicans residing in the United States?

As of April 11, according to the Mexican foreign ministry (SRE, for its initials in Spanish) at least 181 Mexicans in the United States had died for COVID-19.
Repatriarán cadáveres de dos oaxaqueños que murieron en EU por coronavirus (“Bodies of Two Oaxacans Who Died in the United States of Coronavirus to be Returned”) Oscar Rodriguez, Milenio, April 11, 2020 [That particular article concerns two Mexicans from the state of Oaxaca who died in the U.S. from coronavirus, that their bodies are being sent back to Mexico.  That doesn't mean the remains of all Mexicans who die in the U.S. are sent back to Mexico.]

Typically, Mexicans who go to the United States settle in areas already settled by people from their  home area in Mexico.

New York City is home to many Mexicans from the state of Puebla.  Sadly, 24 Mexicans from Puebla have died in the U.S. from coronavirus. Fallece otro poblano en EU por covid-19; suman 24 “Another Poblano Dies in the United States from COVID-19, for a Total of 24”) Elvia Garcia and Carlos Morales, Milenio,  April 10, 2020.

And there may be more, as there are unidentified bodies.

This may be a morbid question to ask. but, is it possible that some of these 181 Mexicans who moved to the United States would still be alive had they stayed in Mexico?

Just a question. 

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