Mexican Terrorism Possibilities
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The pipeline bombings in Mexico I mentioned earlier are having economic repercussions:

Mexican pipeline attacks disrupt suppliers - Mexican pipeline attacks disrupt suppliers

By Stephen Downer Crain's Detroit Business, September 13, 2007

Production at several automaker plants in Mexico for five automakers as well as more than 100 suppliers’ plants has been shut down in the wake of rebel bomb attacks on fuel pipelines in southern Mexico that occurred Monday.

A leftist rebel group has claimed responsibility for the bombings, Mexico’s second such attack in the past three months.

Also, the Popular Revolutionary Army, or EPR, rebel group said it is planning more attacks, according to Reuters. The group accuses the government of secretly abducting two of its guerrilla organizers.

And why is this a potential problem for the US? Well, this story gives you a hint:

El Paso Times - Illegal immigrants try to get badges for jobs at nuclear lab Illegal immigrants try to get badges for jobs at nuclear lab Associated Press Article Launched: 09/14/2007 02:22:26 PM MDT

SANTA FE, N.M. — Three illegal immigrants who used fake documents to try to get badges so they could work on a construction job at Los Alamos National Laboratory are charged with knowingly possessing a false alien registration card.

Noel Lopez-Villegas, 29, and brothers Juan Carlos Nieblas-Rodriguez, 41, and Guadalupe Nieblas-Rodriguez, 39, were turned over to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement after lab security officers became suspicious of the documents the trio presented to the lab's badge office Wednesday.

ICE said the men had fake resident alien cards, known as green cards. One told agents he bought the fake document for $70 to $75 in Albuquerque; another said he obtained his card from a friend who had since returned to Mexico, ICE said.

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