Mexican "Queens Dad" Kills Wife, Then Two Daughters Because He Didn't Have Car Seats to Take Them Back to Mexico
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Here's a really sick and outrageous  example of Mexican family values from the New York Post, which calls the murderer a "Queens Dad".  The murderer is an illegal, and would probably  be eligible for amnesty.  From the Post:

He said he slashed his two baby girls to death because he’d just killed their mother — and he didn’t have car seats to take them with him to Mexico, outraged officials revealed as craven Queens dad Miguel Mejia-Ramos was arraigned on murder charges Friday.

Hauled back to New York from the Mexican border, Mejia-Ramos, 28, was expressionless as a judge ordered him held with no bail for allegedly slaughtering his wife, Deisy, 21, and daughters Daniela, 3, and Yoselin, 1, during a jealousy-fueled, five-knife rampage.

“I was going to take them with me, but I didn’t have car seats,” the monster told cops, according to a confession released Friday.

Mejia-Ramos admitted that he killed Deisy and then the girls in their Jamaica bedroom after searching his wife’s phone and finding pictures of her with another man, officials said.

He grabbed several knives from a butcher block and stood over Deisy as she slept with one daughter on either side, according to the confession.

“Deisy wakes up and screams. He drops one knife on the bed. He stabs her, she runs to the front of the bedroom, and he stabs her with another knife which he says he twists in her side and it breaks,” the confession reads.

“He goes back to the girls. He sees Daniela is awake. He picks her up, give[s] her a hug and kiss, asks for forgiveness, then puts her down on the bed and stabs her approximately three times,” the confession said.

“He then picks up Yoselin, gives her a hug and kiss, places her on the bed and stabs her multiple times. He goes over to Deisy’s body and asks her for forgiveness, too.”

“I’ve been to many crime scenes,” Queens DA Richard Brown said. “But this one “was very disturbing … my heart goes out to the family.”

Additional new details of the horrific bedroom bloodbath were revealed by prosecutors during Friday’s brief court proceeding.

Mejia-Ramos told cops he’d made a brief feint at killing himself in the Sutphin Avenue apartment— first stabbing himself in the chest, then trying to hang himself with a cord, prosecutor Michelle Kaszuba said, referring to Mejia-Ramos’ confession.

But having failed, he decided to make a run for it, washing his bloody hands with the dead girls’ diaper wipes before showering and hitting the road, Kaszuba said.

The illegal immigrant was caught Monday, driving through Texas on I-85 during a non-stop dash for the border of Mexico, his country of citizenship. Three hours more, and he’d have made it, officials said.

The prosecutor also revealed that Mejia-Ramos told authorities he took $240 as a “getaway fund” from his wife’s diaper bag because he didn’t want to get tracked by using credit cards.

He said he had seen the TV show “I Almost Got Away With It,” and knew he needed to avoid plastic, officials said.

Mejia-Ramos would instead be tracked by US Marshals via phone calls he made to family members in Mexico.

The prosecutor said Mejia-Ramos had originally claimed to cops that he’d come home to find that his wife had killed the two little girls and that he then stabbed her in self-defense.

He came clean with the whole story as he was being flown back to the city by Queens detectives, the prosecutor said.

Mejia-Ramos has no known criminal history other than two domestic-violence incidents, Brown said.

Dad killed kids, wife 'because he didn't have car seats' Kathryn Cusma, New York Post, January 24, 2014  (story includes photos of family members)

So I wonder if the Law and Order series will "rip this story from the headlines" and make an episode of it?   And if they do, will the murderer be portrayed as  a Mexican immigrant of indigenous origin, as in real life?  Or will he, as is more likely on Law and Order, be  magically  transformed into a white American?

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