Mexican President Calderon Uses Aurora Shooting to Bash American Gun Legislation
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It sure didn't take long. The president of Mexico, on his twitter account, tweeted this today:

Por la tragedia de Aurora, Colorado, el Congreso Americano debe revisar su equivocada legislación en materia de armas. Nos daña a todos.

It translates to:

Because of the tragedy of Aurora, Colorado, the U.S. Congress should review its mistaken weapons legislation. It hurts all of us.

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Mexican leaders don't care much for our gun laws. See my previous article Mexican Government Vs. Those "Absurd" American Gun Rights. They'd like us to change our gun legislation, just as they'd like us to change our immigration law.

If our own leaders defended our sovereignty, it wouldn't matter a hill of beans what Mexico's leaders thought about our gun laws and immigration system. But they don't defend our sovereignty now, do they?


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