Another Obama Regime Amnesty Category For Criminal Aliens: Assault ICE Agent, Get Released on Prosecutorial Discretion!
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Another angle on the Obama Regime's Administrative Amnesty for criminal aliens, as predicted by this blog.  Just don't charge them with the crimes they commit, then they aren't criminal aliens!  (h/t CIS)

CIS July 20, 2012 by Jessica Vaughan

Criminal Alien "DREAMer" Assaults ICE Agent, Gets Released on Prosecutorial Discretion

The ICE enforcement agents' union is reporting an incident from earlier this week that illustrates the perverse results of the Obama administration's DREAM decree and "prosecutorial discretion" policies. An illegal alien, who is described as meeting the criteria for the president's DREAM amnesty, was arrested and jailed in El Paso, Texas, on a domestic assault charge. When ICE agents arrived at the jail for routine inmate screening, the 5'9", 245 lb. illegal alien attempted to escape, and in the process assaulted and injured one of the ICE agents. According to the union statement, ICE managers ordered the criminal alien released without charges, despite the escape attempt and assault on a federal agent (a felony), not to mention his illegal status. Meanwhile, before offering medical treatment to the injured, the agents were questioned by managers regarding possible disciplinary action for their efforts. The injured agent will be restricted from duty for two weeks due to his injuries.

There we have it: a vicious and dangerous illegal alien released to commit more crimes. This alien committed three felonies: domestic violence (Texas Penal Code§ 22.01(e)), escape (Texas Penal Code 38.06) and assault on a Federal officer (18 United States Code Section 1001). 

So much for "deserving" illegal aliens.  The only thing this illegal alien deserves is to be treated like a king—Rodney King.

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