Mexican Foreign Ministry Wants Explanation Over Border Tear Gas Incidents Provoked From Mexico's Side Of The Border
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Up to this point, Mexico's new president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) has not publicly criticized Trump. But, the Mexican Foreign Ministry (SRE, for its initials in Spanish) has now sent a diplomatic note to the United States about recent confrontations on the border.

From Excelsior:

This Thursday (January 3rd) the SRE sent a diplomatic note to the U.S. embassy to request an explanation of the incident occuring January 1st on the border between San Diego, California [the U.S.] and Tijuana, Baja California [Mexico], in which border patrol agents used tear gas on Central American migrants who attempted to cross into U.S. territory.
México solicita investigación por hechos en zona fronteriza con EU("Mexico Requests Investigation of Actions in U.S.-Mexican Border Zone") by Enrique Sanchez, El Excelsior, January 3, 2019

What occurred was that a group of about 150 people attacked the U.S. border. They used tear gas so as not to use live ammo.

And why were all those Central Americans on the border? Because Mexico allowed them to cross all the way across its territory right up to the U.S. border.

Check out these BBC photos, it looks like a war zone.

In the document the Foreign Ministry requests an exhaustive investigation of the actions which occured that day, and also for those of the 25th of November in the same zone when there was also a confrontation of members of the migrant caravan vs. American officials.

Remember, the Central Americans were on Mexican territory when they assaulted the U.S. border.

The SRE laments any type of violent acts on the border with Mexico.

Well, don't allow this sort of thing to happen anymore

In the press release, the SRE announced that it will call the Department of Internal Security to a meeting of the Council of Prevention of Border Violence.

That's a rich one. Mexico has a "Council of Prevention of Border Violence"? How about just don't let non-Mexicans use your country as a launching pad to attack another country?

"Mexico reiterated its committment to safeguard the human rights and security of migrant persons", the document emphasized.

In Bizarro Mexico World, high-sounding pronouncements take the place of real solutions.

The government of Mexico will maintain its focus on cooperation to attend the migratory phenomenon in a bilateral manner, attending to the causes and recognizing its shared responsibility.

Yeah, right.

President Trump ought to be holding the January 1st incident up, front and center, to make a case for fencing off the entire border. And why not electrify that fence, while you're at it.

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