Mexican Consulate Pays To Ship Dead Bodies "Home"? What About Live Ones?
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California Political News and Views just sent out this huge sob story from the notorious Los Angeles Times (Divided by death and the Mexican border: Illegal immigrant families are torn apart when someone dies. Survivors are afraid to follow a loved one home for burial, by Anna Gorman, April 2, 2008) with a typically incisive comment.

Reading the story, this jumped out at me:

The Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles pays for an immigrant's final journey home if the family is unable to do so. In the last four years, the consulate has shipped more than 1,000 bodies to Mexico for burial.

They do? Given that burial at home is apparently important to Mexicans, this means the Mexican government is providing a subsidy to illegal immigration. If it were not available, on the margin some illegals would not come.

The Bush Administration should tell Mexico to stop this subsidy immediately.

Does anyone know if Mexico subsidizes live Mexicans who want to go home?

If not, Bush should suggest that instead.

In fact, he should demand it.

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